Podcast Highlight: Gastronomica Issue 21.1 with Jayeeta Sharma and Bryan Dale

“For this episode, Jayeeta (Jo) Sharma and Bryan Dale join Editorial Collective member Bob Valgenti to discuss their project (and subject of their upcoming COVID-19 Research Dispatch) “Feeding the City, Pandemic and Beyond”, which has developed a model of public scholarship that documents food system experiences, community challenges and local resilience. By engaging grassroots voices, from farmers and urban growersContinue reading “Podcast Highlight: Gastronomica Issue 21.1 with Jayeeta Sharma and Bryan Dale”

Gallery: Malvern Community Gardens

Malvern Community Gardens  The three Malvern community gardens are located in the Malvern neighbourhood, and reflect the diverse nature of the community. Gardeners come from Caribbean, South Asian, and European backgrounds. (Photo: Google Maps)  Randy Bhagwan, Malvern Garden Lead and Communication Coordinator of the Malvern Food Security Workgroup. Due to physical distancing measures, the gardeners andContinue reading “Gallery: Malvern Community Gardens”

Gallery: Fresh City Farms by Angela Gong

This is a series of photos taken by Angela Gong at Fresh City Farms’ Downsview Park location. The photos highlight various components of the urban farming experience, as well as the changes that occurred with physical distancing measures and pandemic-related closures. Click here to read more about Angela’s experience farming with her family.  April 22, 2017. A bean seedling in theContinue reading “Gallery: Fresh City Farms by Angela Gong”

Gallery: Ontario Farms by Bryan Dale

Spring seedlings sprout up in greenhouse on a small-scale ecological vegetable farm in Prince Edward County. This farm typically sells its produce in Toronto, including through farmers markets, which were delayed in opening due to COVID-19 restrictions A barn at a small-scale livestock farm near London, Ontario houses cows, pigs, and chickens. Mixed farms likeContinue reading “Gallery: Ontario Farms by Bryan Dale”