In Solidarity with Protesting Indian Farmers from Canada.

This December, the Indian Government is putting into effect legislation that has the potential to drastically affect the livelihood of farmers all across the nation. Protests are currently being held by Indian farmers in opposition to the effects of the legislation, as they see the forthcoming changes as a devastating step backwards from their collectiveContinue reading “In Solidarity with Protesting Indian Farmers from Canada.”

Hunger and Our Communities: Organization Highlight

In this season of giving, our Feeding City team seeks to highlight and appreciate the tremendous work of just a few of the many food supports organizations that serve a wide range of communities and vulnerable groups that face hunger and food insecurity. An estimated 6,000 new clients accessed food banks in Toronto in JuneContinue reading “Hunger and Our Communities: Organization Highlight”

Announcement: Full webinar recordings are available on the

As a part of this projects initiative we provide our fully recorded webinars on our youtube channel: Feeding City and our resource page at Watch full webinars below or click the link to watch it on youtube and subscribe to our channel for more relevant content. Webinar 1: Feeding the City Webinar: Urban Agriculture,Continue reading “Announcement: Full webinar recordings are available on the”

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